Country out-of-school estimates

The above plots display the trends in out-of-school rates or numbers by education level and sex for a given country along with the respective source data. Median GEMR estimates are represented by the black line and the associated 90% uncertainty interval is represented by the shaded grey area. Observations are encoded by the coloured points with each colour corresponding to a specific data source as described by the legend to the right of the plot. Please note that as survey data is observed in the percentage scale, we only present data when viewing out-of-school rates.

When viewing the plots, users should consider the following:

  • The out-of-school rate is the percentage of children or youth of school age that are not enrolled in school and the out-of-school children is the corresponding number of children not enrolled in school.
  • Changes in official school age policy that add or remove ages can cause “steps” in out-of-school estimates. The presence of such a policy change is indicated in the plots by vertical black lines.
  • Due to the separate sourcing of enrollment and population data, occasionally, reported enrollment exceeds population estimates resulting in negative out-of-school rate observations. Our method is designed to acknowledge such observations and produce estimates constrained to the 0-100% interval.