Regional and income group average estimates

This page enables users to see the completion rate trend since 1990 globally and for two country groups:

  • by SDG region
  • by World Bank income group

You can select the following characteristics to visualize the completion rate:

  • region, income and other groups (least developed countries, LDC; landlocked developing countries, LLDC; and small island developing states, SIDS)
  • country: comparing the countries of your choice
  • education level: grade 4, primary, lower secondary, upper secondary
  • sex: male, female and total
  • reference age group:
    • ‘timely’ completion rate [CR indicator]
      (for those aged 3–5 years above the intended completion age)
    • ultimate completion rate [ultimate CR]
      (for those aged up to 8 years above the intended completion age)

The values of specific completion rates can be viewed by hovering over the plots.

Average completion rates by region, income and other groups are population-weighted averages using population estimates provided by the UN World Population Prospects.